Alias acts in the development of multifunctional platforms and
mobile technology to provide services of convenience and mobility.

  • Alias has been offering innovative solutions for public and private companies for more than 13 years that directly or indirectly benefit society as a whole.
  • Performance and customer satisfaction are the basis for the work of the company, which values exclusivity in service and quality of services provided.
  • Trust, competence and loyalty are factors that establish Alias as a reference in the market and enable even stronger partnerships, whose ultimate goal is the development of unique technologies to society as a whole.


Create, deploy and manage technology solutions to deliver services that meet the needs of our customers at all levels of use.


Become a reference in the offer of technological solutions to provide services throughout Brazil, positioning itself at the forefront of the market through commitment to quality and innovation.


Commitment, innovation, technology, transparency and quality.

Our solutions

Complete system of management and control of mobile parking.

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Computerized and integrated solution for management, filing and automating of registration of vehicle contracts and communication of vehicle sales.

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Online platform for approval and accreditation of public mobile parking applications.

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