Vehicle Sale Communication

100% online process and integrated with Detran

Computerized, online and integrated

This is how sale communication is performed through E-Registro, eliminating the need for seller and buyer to go to Detran.

How so?

Currently, after signing and acknowledging DUT (withdrawal document), the seller must bring a copy of this document to the notary office, and then to Detran. With E-registro, this process is eliminated, since the platform allows the notary office to have access to the data of the vehicle being sold. In this way, the system anticipates possible legal restrictions and ensures that the transaction is carried out without any blocking.


  • Ease to communicate purchase and sale of vehicle.
  • Possibility to check data and vehicular pending online.
  • Convenience to finish the process in one place.
  • Safety and integrity of information.
  • Compliance with the law.
  • New income by meeting a significant demand from the public.
  • Optimization of operational costs.
  • Online submission of documentation.
  • Credibility in transfer processes and reduction of sales cases not communicated to Detran.
  • Simultaneous Sales Communication throughout the State.
  • Real-time access to data relating to the vehicle being sold, transferred or financed.
  • Availability of a free technology environment.
  • Decrease in operating costs, especially on service stations.
  • Treatment and storage of documents.
  • Access to information in real time, right after formalization.
  • Simultaneity with service providers.