E-Registro FREE

A solution for all, in only one place.

Credit operations with fiduciary alienation, which involve the contract registration process, require significant operational and personnel efforts by Detran and financial companies.

E-Registro FREE is a multiplatform solution that assists Detran in the management of accreditation and approval processes of registration companies. It manages all financial operations, providing financial agents with monitoring and auditing of processes.

Simultaneity with several service providers, allows automatic verification of information required for registration of Vehicle Contracts.

Real-time monitoring for easy decision making.

What are the benefits?

E-registration FREE provides, through Telegram application, management and indexing of scanned files of contracts to their respective registries.

In addition, the system still offers:

  • Simplified interface for better user experience
  • Effective and differentiated treatment for fleet contracts
  • Dashboard management for data consolidation
  • Interactivity and proactivity in information related to pending or urgent activities
  • Repository of images and data with simplified query and recovery
  • Integrations with financial systems to enable process automation.