Mobile Parking

Complete management and control system specialized in integration of mobile parking processes.

Finding a place to park in regions of greater commerce, such as in urban downtowns, for example, can be a difficult task. With the increase in the number of vehicles, it is necessary to seek urban mobility solutions to ensure a better service to population.

One of these solutions consists of the Mobile Parking, which seeks to democratize the use of street spaces, generating rotativity and improving traffic flow in the streets.

In this sense, Mobile Parking stands out as a system that integrates management up to supervision of parking spaces on mobile parking. All through a large software and technological personified infrastructure that allows control and monitoring of mobile parking in urban downtowns.

A system to manage, monitor and not worry

Fully online and integrated. With Mobile Parking, the municipality has a real-time access to information regarding mobile parking and can use surveillance platforms to adopt and promote urban mobility policies.

Mobile Parking provides a complete and integrated system for management and monitoring of information regarding the use and supervision of parking, helping the public agency in the implementation of the mobile parking from its planning to effective operation.

Registered Applications

Estimated places in use

Usage charts and finished parking lots

Financial control of parking use


The application developed for drivers (available on Apple Store, Google Play and website) can be customized according to the municipality’s design.

With App Motorista you can:

  • Create an account and register as many license plates as you want;
  • Control, in real time, the use of spaces;
  • Enter parking credits;
  • Credit or debit card payment;
  • Pay the fractional amount, referring only to the time using the space.


Exclusive to traffic agents, the application allows them to insert only a vehicle’s license plate to check complete information referring to it on that day. Among the data are parking sessions or notifications of irregular use, for example.

For vehicles using a parking card, the agent can enter the card information in the application to keep track of user time and payment.

What we offer


Telephone service to all users for clarification of doubts and instruction to use means of payment of parking.


Accreditation of establishments close to spaces. Accredited members will receive all sales support material and instructions on commercialization of payment methods.


All involved in the project are trained to operate the system. Eventually, specific trainings are also carried out on topics such as: traffic education, attendance, supervision, monitoring and management.


Development of the vertical and horizontal parking signaling project, which includes the determination of space locations, space types, quantity and demarcation method.


To achieve 100% effectiveness in communicating with users, Mobile Parking performs local educational actions, as well as strategies in online and offline media in partnership with the Municipal Traffic Department.


Mobile Parking also has a parking card in numbered paper, which can be purchased at accredited establishments near the parking spaces.

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