Authentication and Accreditation Portal for Mobile Parking (Portal de Autenticação e Credenciamento para Estacionamento Rotativo)

The Authentication and Accreditation Portal for Mobile Parking is a viable and simple tool for the management of mobile parking and public calling processes, meeting the needs of city halls.

The process of hiring companies that offer mobile parking for the population requires operational efforts that require not only time, but also a lot of bureaucracy.

In this sense, PACE stands out a systemic manager that facilitates hiring of companies that offer mobile parking for the city. This means that with PACE, the government can accredit several companies in one place, managing and monitoring them much more ease and agility!

PACE is an exclusive platform for approval and accreditation of public mobile parking applications.

How does PACE work?

PACE is adapted to the needs and particularities of the city, which has access to two systemic modules: accreditation and management of the agreement.

Accreditation module

With the accreditation module, the city hall will be able to:

  • Approve and accredit mobile parking companies.
  • Analyze their documentations.
  • Approve platforms and applications.
  • Sign contracts.
  • Provide credit.
  • Enable and disable companies to operate mobile parking.

Agreement Management Module

Management module gives the city hall the necessary autonomy to control and monitor parking operations of applications. With it, you can:

  • Monitor the amounts collected in a general or individualized way, by accredited companies.
  • Control active parking sessions and parking history.
  • Monitor, through App Monitor, regularity of parked vehicles.
  • Customize the system based on your needs.
  • Provide telephone support to accredited companies, carried out by Alias.

Security and Transparency

All operations are performed through Web Services, with Java security standards (JAX-RS) and access encryption (MD5).

This means that all transactions are authenticated from the moment of accreditation to the use of APPs by drivers.

Moreover, all operations of users (drivers) have a unique access token per session, thus guaranteeing operation and integration safety.

Benefits of the solution

Easy membership

Safety guaranteed through certified financial transactions

Full or fractional rate

Anticipation of revenue

Accreditation process via system workflow

Operational flexibility

Tender by public appeal

Freedom of choice for drivers

Customizable system

Ease of membership and payment for users

Meeting a large population demand

Technical and economic accreditation criteria

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