Registration of Vehicle Financing Contract

An efficient solution for process automation and management

Carry out the registration of vehicle contracts with fiduciary alienation, analyzing data and complying with the tax lien processes are tasks that must have safety, agility and reliability.
With E-Registro software, it is possible to process and manage data and images sent by financial companies to execute the records of vehicle financing contracts.

With this, Detran’s competency service is improved and the operational costs of all involved are reduced. In addition, the process is carried out with greater agility and in accordance with the current legislation.


  • Management of all information.
  • Reduction of operating costs.
  • Compliance with Laws.
  • Agility, safety and reliability in the process.
  • Smaller queues at service stations.
  • Integration with systems used by financial agents.
  • Performs the operation involving records.
  • Systemic integration via webservice.
  • Management of fleet financing contracts.
  • Ease in operation of records of contracts of associated financial companies.
  • Submission of batch financing contract data.
  • Real-time monitoring.
  • Greater management of activities, according to the routine of the organization.